Baseus Digital Display Fast Charging Data Cable:

These unique and different digital cables tell you about the charging speed more clearly. The digital display of power can be seen very clearly. The charger is safe to use and charges rapidly. Huawei Matte can be charged 70% in 30 minutes. The automatic adjustment of current and power saves your device from getting over-heated. If you change your device for the whole night and even you forget to unplug it, the trickle mode is switched on and it takes care of your device. Copper wire provides the best insulation and helps in reduced heat generation. This wire is lengthy and can be twisted without getting a break. The transmission of data is the super-fast and speedy transfer of data helps in effective retrieval of data too.


Baseus Cafule Metal USB-C to iPhone PD Charging Cable:

This lightning cable helps you to charge your device up to 20W. In a limited time, more power can be taken on. It can be used for iPhone 12 series.  This is durable than any other charging cable. This wonderful cable will help you in powering many different phones. To ensure maximum safety of your device there is a chip present that helps in adjusting the power and voltage to save your product from over-heating.

Baseus Zinc Magnetic Charging Data Cable Type-C:

This durable and long-lasting cable helps you in quick charging many apple phone models. Whether you are charging old models like I phone 7 or 6 or whether you are trying to charge new models. The cable is perfect for charging any I phone. The fast transfer of data is what makes it wonderful. Now you no longer have to wait for data transmission. The magnetic tip helps in instant charging your smartphone during travel or during the picnic. You can disconnect it with one hand too. This magnetic Cable is handy and dustproof. The luminous indicator gives an indication of when the phone starts charging.

Baseus Led display 100W type C to type C  Cable For Macbook iPad Pro Tablet and iPhone:

A 100W fast charging cable helps in the effective display of power. The E-Marker chips tell you the charging speed directly. Unlike Conventional cable, this charging cable tells you the speed. This Cable helps in the fast charging of Huawei and Xiaomi devices. Mi11 can be fully charged in 48 minutes and Mate40 Pro in 70 minutes. You can simply use your device by powering up the switch. The power recognition device helps in the automatic adjustment of current and voltage to ensure the safety and protection of your product. The nylon braided wire is what makes it aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

Baseus Flash Series Two For Three 100W Data High Power Type C Cable CA2T3-G1:

This perfect data cable is wonderful for your phone. It is durable and can be used many times because of its simple design, Furthermore, this data cable can be connected to a computer or charging station. This beautiful data Cable works best for your Apple and Android phones. This stylish data cable is corrosion-resistant and anti-slip. This USB data cable connects your smartphone to your computer. This portable cable helps the ineffective transmission of data.

Baseus Flash Series 2 in 1 Charging Data Cable   Type-C 1,5M CA1T2-C01:

The 100W power output helps in faster charging of new devices, furthermore, it can withstand 10,000 plugging and unplugging cycles without causing any deformation to the interface. This cable is faster than many other old and traditional cables and it transfers data more speedily. The advanced design of this cable helps in a stronger ability to bear other devices. Now through this simple cable, you can easily connect your devices like smartphones and tablets to your car or wall charger. This lengthy cable along with a charger can help in charging laptops and other devices quickly. This cable is small in size yet it can easily be taken to picnics and trips.

Baseus Metal Data Cable 100W Type-C To Type-C High Power CAT-C01:

This one-meter long wire is nylon braided and anti-oxidation makes it a safer option. The data can easily be transmitted from the source to the receiver. The built-in chip is flexible enough to identify the device and control the power and current. The copper core is advanced and it’s a good conductor of electricity. The sturdy wire is designed in such a way as to prevent burning and heating up. This amazing cable helps in connecting two Type-C devices. This high-power data cable helps in charging laptops and mac books. Furthermore, if you get stuck and don’t have any charger then this copper wire can help you in charging your phone.  Whether it is a Mac Book or a laptop you can charge it easily anywhere with the help of this data cable.

Baseus Tungsten Fast Charging Data Cable Type-C to IP PD20W:

The attractive cable is made up of shiny zinc alloy with a glass finish.  The physical appearance of this data cable makes it a must-have. The rust-resistant charging cable charges fast and it consists of high power which helps in charging a device in less time. The thickened copper wires allow fast and effective transmission of data. The perfect outer material of this wire helps in protecting it against rusting and corrosion. Its inner structure is engineered in such a way that it can withstand thousands upon thousands of bends. It is a perfect substitute for apple’s original cable for the iPhone 12 series.

Baseus Cafule Series Type-C PD 3.1 Gen2 100W Cable:

This nylon and aluminum wire is sturdy and strong and ensures proper current flow to your device to protect it from over-heating. The data travels faster because of Qualcomm Technology and high power helps in effective charging. The cable also helps in the effective transmission of video and music within no time. This firm and wear-resistant wire never gets tangled. The output of these cables is 100W and many files and folders can be shared in no time.