Baseus 20w USB+Type C PD Fast Charger US Plug:

Who doesn’t want their phone to get charged fully within no time?

This type C PD fast charger is better than many chargers and plugs. This mini-size quick charger is best for phones 8 and above series. Now iPhone 12 can be charged 50 % in less than 30 minutes. Now two devices can be charged simultaneously without being overcharged. The shell of this charger protects it from getting over-heated. It has built-in recognition chips which help in adjusting the flow of voltage and power.  Its size is mini but the work does is huge as it can charge with low-temperature rise. This USB charger can automatically recognize any device and prevents overheating. This high-quality charger plug ensures fast charging and a safe experience.

Baseus GaN Mini Quick Charger C+C+U 120W GaNFast:

The GaN series Beast quick chargers are the latest technology now. GaN pro 120W ensures quick charging and ensures that two laptops are simultaneously charged without any obstacle.  The Type C PD Ports Provide 100w of output alone and the USB Port provides 30w output alone. When being used together, both type c ports provide 60w individually,  and Type C + USB port provides 87w + 30w respectively. The best part, its cooling technology is present to ensure that the charger and device don’t get overheated.

GaN2 Pro Quick Travel Charger C+C+A 65W US:

GaN2 Pro charger is small-sized but possesses a higher capacity to charge devices. The built-in chip present in it helps to have a safety mechanism and protects against experiences like over-charging and over-heating.  In just half an hour 60 % of your iPhones can be charged. This foldable plug is portable and can be carried away anywhere.

The outputs are:  Type-C1 + Type-C2 output: 45W + 18W (63W)

Type-C1 + USB output: 45W + 18W (63W).

GaN2 45W Gan2 Quick Charger C+C/C+U:

This Gallium nitride charger consists of gallium nitride which is a semi-conductor and possesses high-temperature resistance and high hardness. This GaN charger is small in size and portable, you can carry it anywhere you want. It possesses fast charging mechanism which charges your phone fast and it charges your phone safely. This Charger is enough for many devices. This charger occupies very little space and that’s why it is user-friendly too. It can charge huge computers and laptops within no time.  The output dual port is present to charge the cell phones and computers. The 22.5w individual output is fast enough to fast charge your flagship phones.

Baseus 10000mAh 45W Power Station GaN Quick Charger C+C/C+U:

This extra-efficient portable charger is what your device desires. Now both charger and Power bank can be combined into one block making your charging experience good, It takes very little space and so, it is everyone’s favorite. The power capacity of this portable charger is high and it increases the charging speed within no time, 10000 mAh high capacity lithium battery is very safe and it prevents overheating of your device. The built-in power supply helps you ineffective management of electric load. This versatile quick charger helps in charging notebooks, wrist bands, and many other things within no time. The maximum outputs for Type-C + USB Output is 30W + 15W Max respectively.

You can’t say no to this useful charger, can you?

Baseus 30W Super Si Quick Charger Type-C PD 30W For iPhone/Samsung:

This wonderful charger is of high capacity and small size. It brings you the most high-power charger full of power and energy. This ordinary charger is actually an extraordinary one and it provides safety protection and ensures quick charging. Flash charges power up your device after gaming and other activities. The charger can operate at high temperatures because of Super Si Black Technology.  Your device remains safe and sound because of the low temperature and fast charging. Whether your phone is an iPhone or whether It is Samsung, You can charge it within no time and it remains safe and secure.

Baseus PD 25W Fast Charger US type-C for Samsung Xiaomi iPhone with Type-C to Type-C:

The super si black technology makes it safer to use for different cell phones and provides protection. The high power and fast charging help in the safe and quick charging of your device. It is unbelievable that in just 30 minutes your phone charges 50%. It not only provides over-current protection but also provides temperature protection. Now heat dissipation is possible through nanotechnology. The output voltage can be adjusted and equal power distribution would be there.

Baseus PD 100W GaN USB C Charger 5.0 QC 4.0 Type C:

Quick charging because of Qualcomm technology helps in the fastest charging and it’s a versatile solution to most of your problems. The quick charging enables the device to be charged our dual charger charges up to 50 in just 5 minutes. The supercharging power with our dual technology and efficiency charges the phone 4 times quicker than the ordinary charger. This device is super flexible and adapts to high power devices easily and ensures safe charging of the device. Now, whether you want to charge your laptop or AppleBook Pro 13, both can get fully charged in a short time. This charger is smaller than most of the other chargers but possesses a huge amount of power in it. With proper safety and security, you can get your devices fully charged.

Baseus Super Si Quick Charger Type-C PD 20W For iPhone 12 CN plug:

This quick and effective charger is what your heart desires, It is super effective and small in size which means that it can be taken anywhere you want. The fast-charging capacity makes your cell phone 48% charged in 30 minutes. It protects your device from overvoltage and from over-heating. It can be ideally used for different tablets and mobile phones like iPhone 8 and above series and different tablets. It is the most optimal for iPhone 12 series as it requires 20w charging.