The rapid advances in technology have made our world easier, and power banks are a classic example of it. They add to our convenience, saving time and effort. At Xcessorieshub.com, We offer a wide range of Baseus Power Banks that are suitable for various phones including flagship phones and laptops without causing any negative effects to the batteries.

Some people love to travel and can’t avoid it while most people have difficult jobs that include a lot of traveling. Your phone or tablet sometimes runs out of battery and they need to be recharged immediately, so for this purpose power banks are available and Baseus 20,000 mAh portable charger is the best for such travelers. Baseus Power bank is light weighted and can be carried anywhere. The stylish design and low cost make it a must-have.

Baseus Ambilight Super High Capacity 33W 30000mAh Power Bank (PD3.0)-Black:

This one of the fastest charging power banks is a must-have. It possesses a high capacity and multiple outputs. The fast charging and 33W high power are what make it essential to have. You can charge multiple devices and the speed of this power bank remains unaffected to a great extent. The slots for 4 USB and 1 Type-C Cable are present. There are two interfaces present and many devices like the lamp, speaker, fan, and humidifier can be charged simultaneously.

The LED displays the battery status, current, and voltage. It can easily cope up with multiplayer gatherings. At one time 3-4 devices can be charged and used without any hindrance. By simply pressing a power button battery, voltage and current can be displayed. The flash charging technology is what makes it unique and different. Now whether your cell phone is an iPhone X or any other you can charge it 50% in just 30 minutes.

Baseus Adaman Metal Digital Display Quick Charge Power Bank 22.5W 10000/20000/30000mAh-Black:

This power bank is elegant as it comes with a metal case and a high-quality appearance. Adaman is a name that possesses a history. It’s an alloy and an epitome of hardness and firmness. Baseus has used this name for a metal product to show that this product will remain strong and firm. Adaman possesses a metal shell to show its supremacy over low-quality plastic. The metallic material shines and gives it a luxurious look. It is best for quick charging and supports quick/fast charging. It supports quick charge and with continuous battery life, it helps in charging mobile phones.

It easily supports fast charging for iPhones and is optimal for iPhones by using a c to iPhone cable of Baseus along with it and for android smartphones, a c to c PD cable can be used to support fast charging. Furthermore, it requires only 4-5 hours to get fully charged depending upon the charger and cable you use. All things like current, battery, and voltage are displayed on the screen via its LED Display. Now, this can be your best traveling partner and you can take it on-air trip whenever you want.

Baseus Q Pow Digital Display 3A power Bank 10000 mAh With Built-in iPhone Cable:

This handy power bank is easy to carry and easy to take anywhere you want. This power bank can be taken in hand while charging a phone. The best part is, it comes with a built-in iPhone cable, hence is no need to purchase a cable separately, however, if you’re using an iPhone 11 or above, we suggest you buy an 18w or 20w c to iPhone cable to increase the charging speed. The screen of this power bank shows the power left. Now you can charge multiple devices in one go with the help of this power bank. This power bank isn’t only for iPhones but for android smartphones too. You can forcefully plug in and out the cable because it can recover from stretching automatically. The slightly glossy surface of this power bank is exquisite. It is very safe because, despite a long time of charging, the outer part of the device remains cool. You can choose any color from black, red and white. Cool, isn’t it?

Baseus GaN Charger 2 in 1 Quick Charger 45W With 10000mAh Power Bank:

With its capacity to charge two devices simultaneously and intelligent power allocation, this power bank is of compact size and portable design. This two-in-one hybrid charger can be fixed on the wall and can charge your cell phone I phone 11 Pro 2.6 times, I phone X 2.5 times. Whether you are going on a long trip or going on a picnic, you can easily take this compact and portable power bank along with you. Now there is no fear of overcharging and overheating your cell phone because this power bank possesses built-in safeguards.

Your Mac book can be powered up easily in just 2 hours with the help of USB-C to C Cable. This power bank is delicate and light-weighted but possesses huge power to charge phones and Mac books. The foldable wall plug is present which makes the use of this power bank more easy and convenient. Do you know what’s the best part of it? It supports SUPER FAST CHARGING, yes, you read it right!

Baseus 10000/20000mAh 22.5W Super Mini Digital Display Fast Charge Power Bank:

This small-size mini power bank is what possesses huge power which you will need to charge your cell phones. Whether you are going to travel to a park or on a picnic, this is what you need the most. This portable, small item can be kept in your pocket and you can take it anywhere and everywhere. Its digital screen displays battery level and can be charged with a maximum of 22.5 W. Two devices can get charged from it simultaneously. The type-C and USB charging ports are there for your devices supporting fast charging. The surface of this power bank is anti-slip and anti-scratch. The high capacity of this charger charges 50% of a phone in less than half an hour. The lithium battery present in it makes it safe to use because lithium batteries are generally unlikely to fail.

Baseus 30000mah Type C PD 3.0 Fast Charging 65W Power Bank:

THIS IS A BEAST. This power bank has enough capacity and power to charge a laptop and phone at a full speed. Your mac book 13 pros can be charged from 0 % to 50% in just half an hour. This super powerful power bank can charge 3- 5 devices at the same time. This power bank is charged in only 3.5 hours with the help of a 60 w wall charger. This power bank is a little bulky but can be carried anywhere, it can charge I iPhone 12 6 times and Samsung s20 ultra 4 times. The LED display is beautiful and shows you the current, voltage, and power along with charging status. The smart identifying chip system present inside this power bank protects it against over-discharge and over-voltage making it safe to use.

Now this power bank is essential for your everyday need. So this is a perfect allrounder for your phones and laptops. 65w seems to be only for the flagship phones, however, the USB ports being used simultaneously provide 15w output individually which is optimal for iPhones and mid-range Samsung and Xiaomi devices.

Baseus Magnetic Wireless Quick charging Power Bank 20W 10000 mAh:

Apple with their MagSafe magnetic charging brought an innovation in the world of wireless charging and Baseus adapted instantly by coming up with this beauty and value for money power bank. The Apple MagSafe chargers are available in the market for around 5-6k but this is where Baseus wins, they came with a power bank that supports wireless magnetic charging for iPhone 12 series for just 5k exclusively at xcesssorieshub.com

Now you don’t have to carry that old-school charging cables with you anymore if you’re using an iPhone 12 series. Wireless charging is the future today. This is a complete setup to charge your phone while you are traveling or going anywhere. Its small size fits well in your palms and you can charge your phone while using it. The charging and recharging speed is much faster, up to 10w max. The magnetic plate holds the battery much strongly but we recommend you to use it with the mobile cover removed for a better grip. It is better than having a bulky power bank and charges things in a fast manner as compared to other power banks. Apart from its wireless charging capability, the type c port provides a maximum of 20w output and the USB port provides 18w of maximum output which means you get your iPhone 12 50% charged in 30 minutes.

Baseus Bipow 10000 mAh Quick charging Power Bank With Digital Display 15W:

Its size is small and it is portable, you can take it anywhere you want. The type C Cable helps in fast charging with power up to 15 W. The battery level can be seen on its surface. There are two inputs and three outputs for fast charging. This ultra-thin power bank has the capacity to change things fast. It works effectively with android devices and iPhones. This power bank is ultra-light and ultra-thin and can be kept anywhere in a pocket or in a bag without occupying a larger space. This kind of power bank is what makes your life easier and simpler. Being 15w, it is recommended for iPhones up to the X series and other mid-range phones of Xiaomi, Samsung, etc.

Baseus ADAMAN 20000 mAh Power Bank 65W:

With this yet another beast, now all tech-savvy people can get a chance to save their time and space with the help of this portable charger. The all-metal matte body of this power bank is shiny and glossy. The best part is it supports Super Fast Charging. Both your laptop and phone can be charged simultaneously. Fully recharge your gadget in just 2 hours. For your protection and safety charging guards are present, these charging guards stop overcurrent and overheating issues.

Baseus Mini JA 30000mAh Power Bank –Black:

Not everyone today carries a flagship phone and for those, this power bank is your perfect companion.
This fast charger is your perfect friend wherever you travel. This fast-charging power bank consists of dual USB outputs, Three devices can be charged at the same time. Safe charging is ensured because it is equipped with a smart chip. It consists of a Li-polymer battery which is safe to use. Now your devices can be charged simultaneously and multiple times. You can power up your notebook and laptop with the help of it. With 8 levels of protection, the charging would be safe. The LED indicators notify the user when the device starts charging.