Imilab W12 smartwatch:

Imilab W12 is the prettiest and multi-functional watch. It is what the heart desires. The stylish and thin watch is light weighted and easy to wear. This delicate watch is light as well as sturdy. It’s made up of high-quality material and lasts long. The screen display is huge enough to give you information at a single glance. All your activities can be tracked easily and your heart rate can be monitored. All bodily changes like blood oxygen level can be traced and detected with the help of this watch. Whether you are running or whether you are swimming, your blood oxygen level and heart rate are properly taken care of. Are you a fitness freak or a rain lover? No, worries, you can still wear Imilab W12 because it is sweatproof and water-resistant.

Haylou LS02:

This watch is the new fashion statement with a wonderful appearance and smart design.  This beautiful watch is a must-have for all fashion lovers. With a 1.4 inches large HD display all notifications, apps, and things can be viewed easily. Now, your aesthetic sense will also be satisfied because of the large display. It’s definitely a heartthrob. With its proper functions, your activities can be tracked. Different sports modes help you in getting more active by performing different daily life activities. It tells you about your heart rate and oxygen levels. Due to its deep sensitivity and good design, it adds beauty to your personality. It also monitors your sleeping patterns and makes sure that you sleep well.

It helps in correcting your posture too by giving you a remainder. The flexible and comfortable silicone strap does no harm to your skin, you can wear it for a long time and still, your skin will be spotless. The 20 days of continuous battery life is what you need. The synchronization of this watch with the cell phone is fast and the blue tooth connection is effective. Listening to frequent calls is effective now because of the wonderful features present in this watch. You can set numerous reminders related to your work on it.

Haylou LS05:

Your wrist needs to look beautiful with this smartwatch. This watch possesses numerous exquisite features which might not be present in other watches. From counting your steps to knowing your heart rate, this watch does it all. It has a wide range of features and qualities, the best one is helping you to find out your missing phone. As it is a solar watch so, the rotating dial and stainless steel back make it desire able. The calendar on it helps in showing you the accurate date. Navigation can also be done easily. With the perfect screen and a perfect display, you can see things in one glance. The shockingly affordable price makes it more awesome. The bright colors of the display are a treat for the eyes. The user-friendly interface is easy to use and even those who aren’t tech-savvy can go for this. The battery life is more than enough to enjoy songs with work out. The stopwatch helps you in racing and playing. Grab this watch and you are going to love it.

Imilab KW66 :

This smart and round watch is what every gym lover needs. The best feature of this watch is that it tracks your all-day activities ranging from sleeping to running and walking. The cheap price and colorful variety of straps add to the value of this watch. The perfect frame and glass make it classy and awesome. You can’t refrain from falling in love with this watch. If you like customization then it should be your favorite because it contains features to create your favorite watch face or choose your favorite color strap. There are many different languages present in this watch to offer variety. This watch can be your best caretaker and will help you in making your health better by giving numerous healthy remainders. The battery life is good enough to let you enjoy unlimited songs during workouts. You can even wear it in rain it won’t be affected.

Xiaomi Mibro Color Watch :

The smartest watch is not just all the glitters but it’s gold too. The best part is that It helps in monitoring blood oxygen concentration (SP02) which has become a necessity to note and observe in this world of COVID 19.

 Whether it is your sleeping pattern or whether it’s running, everything will be tracked by it so, precisely that you would be shocked. With a wide range of colorful bands, it’s difficult to choose which color band one should wear. Do you want to look different and beautiful then this watch is the perfect one! You can even swim while wearing this watch and it would remain the same. It also checks your blood oxygen and notifies you when it drops.

Xiaomi Mibro Air Smart Watch:

The formation of this watch is done through a special process to make its surface scratch resistance. The touch screen is huge enough to carry out all operations. This watch is much more different than the previous ones because of its rotating menu on the screen. The rotating menu can be touched and any function can be selected by just touching it. The choice of dial background is yours, whether you want to choose a black one or go with sea-green it’s totally up to you and can easily be done. All your body data including heart rate and sleeping patterns can easily be recorded in this watch. It is water and dustproof and so you can easily run and jog in rain. The battery is 10 days long which is more than enough for carrying out different tasks.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite:

If you want to get more classy and take care of your health then Smart Watch is the best for you. The numerous sports modes are what make it adorable. The perfect square display is what makes it special. Its remove-able strap can easily be removed and the strap is lightly weighted which allows you to easily wear it throughout the day. Now all proper functions and messages can be viewed on the screen easily without bending or moving your neck much. The color saturation on the screen is best in the budget and gives immense pleasure when watched. The stages of sleep can easily be monitored too, from fitness to sleeping every minute activity is being tracked.

Through awesome blue tooth technology, you can listen to your favorite songs and check weather updates too. The battery life of this watch is good and so it provides enough room for many activities. By simply tapping on the screen you can choose various functions. For such a low price you get abundant features like changing watch faces and replacing bands. It is the winner as it possesses GPS in such an affordable price bracket. The two colors beige and ivory are available for ladies. The price of this watch is super affordable and the hardware is wonderful. It’s a show stopper because at this much affordable price one can get access to all functions which are essential for fitness and health.

Amazfit Bip U pro Smartwatch :

The thin and delicate watch is light weighted yet so beautiful. Its light design and classic features are what make you look graceful and whenever you are going to wear it, people are going to look at this watch again and again. This 31-gram watch is delicate but sturdy. The battery life is good enough, so you can enjoy your workout and fitness routine without any hindrance. Now all your steps can be counted and all your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and stress level can be traced. The proper notification helps you in reminding of calls and another weather forecast. Now just like a good friend, this watch will help you reduce stress by giving you a reminder to sit back and relax. The custom watch faces are easily available for your daily use, you can also add animated characters to make your watch even better.

Haylou RT LS05s Smart Watch :

This smartwatch is the smartest of all, as it possesses numerous awesome characteristics. The comfortable band of this watch causes no pain and harm, it gives extra soothing pleasure to your wrist. If you are a professional sportsman and love to play games then this watch can be your best friend because it will track all your activities and steps. This watch will detect your heath rate and breathing rate. The dustproof and waterproof make it everyone’s all-time favorite. This smartwatch is not just an ordinary watch but it’s your extraordinary caretaker that will remind you of your lower breathing rate and heart rate. Now knowing weather updates and finding a lost phone isn’t a big problem because this smartwatch has all the solutions to keep you updated. The battery lasts longer up to 15 days and you can easily charge it one time and enjoy using it for 15 days. Life is much more beautiful with this smartest watch.