Baseus AeQur GH02 Gaming Wireless Headphone – Moon White

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  • Advanced Bluetooth V5.3:The Baseus AeQur GH02 headphones are equipped with the latest bluetooth technology, V5.3, ensuring a stable and strong wireless connection for uninterrupted gaming and music playback.
  • Immersive Sound Quality: Featuring a 40mm diaphragm, these headphones deliver high-quality audio with precise and powerful sound. Whether you’re gaming or enjoying music, you’ll experience immersive audio with rich details.
  • AAC and SBC Audio: Support for AAC and SBC audio codecs ensures superior audio quality and compatibility with a wide range of devices. Enjoy clear and detailed sound for your entertainment.
  • DSP Chip: The built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processor) chip enhances audio processing, providing optimized sound quality and reducing background noise for a more immersive audio experience.
  • Ultra-Low Latency: With ultra-low latency, these headphones are perfect for gaming. You’ll experience minimal delay between the action on your screen and the audio in your headphones, giving you a competitive edge.


Baseus AeQur GH02 Gaming Wireless Headphone

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Uniform Axis Dual-Drive Technology

With its Hi-Res certification and while the dual drivers are aligned on a uniform axis,this technology creates an optimal blend of high and low frequncies,significantly enhancing your listening experience

Locate Your Enemy

The dual-channel and independent DSP chips combined with the power of the BPT technology,these gaming headphones will accurately capture and locate your enemy’s footsteps

Chatmix,the better way to communicate

Now you finally have the ability to easily adjust the chat volume during gaming and not compromise your ability to make quick judgments

20ms Ultra-Low Latency

Using LE Audio tansmission algorithm and LC3 audio codes to turn low-power comsumption,low latency audio transmission into reality

Simultaneous Dual-mode Connection

When your headphones are connected to two different devices via 2.4G and wireless connections, the headphone will automatically switch to your commuincation device when you receive a phone call while gaming on the other device

2.4G connection A+C dual-adapter

Featuring both USB-A & USB-C adapter

Wireless 5.3 dual-mode

Equipped with dual-mode wireless 5.3 with an upgraded circuit for less noise and latency

Full-Range Compatibility

Get more performance out of your devices with 2.4G,wireless and cable connection

40Hours of Outstanding Performance

Enhanced battery life catering to the needs of both seriours and hardcore gamers

Fully Immersed in Gaming

Five kinds of ambient lights:red,yellow,blue,green,and white,formulate an immersive and intense gaming experience

Get more confortable

Designed for extended gaming sessions,this headset features breathable and gentle fabrics along with an ergonomic headband for maxium comfort

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