Baseus Bowie H1 Wireless Headphone Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling & Upto 70 Hours Playtime


  • Noise reduction from outside – ANC and ENC technology
  • Thanks to the use of ANC technology, headphones with a high-performance dual-core DSP processing chip capture environmental noise in various frequency bands. This is done using a highly noise-sensitive microphone. It reduces noise by up to 45dB. ENC microphone technology was also used. Four ENC microphones filter the outside sound with artificial intelligence, so you will be heard clearly while talking.
  • The working range of the headphones is really large and amounts to 10 meters. At this distance, the transmission can be up to twice as fast as in other devices, which guarantees the transmission of clear sounds without interference and delays. They go straight to the ear, which is ensured by an ergonomically built speaker, filled with a soft sponge with a frame imitating leather. It adheres perfectly to the body, so you won’t miss a single note. They have the option of size adjustment, so they fit men and women with different head circumferences.
  • The headphones can work for up to 70 hours on a charged battery, which means that they will accompany you on a journey and anywhere else. The polymer battery has a capacity of 800mAh, which in standby mode allows the headphones to work even for a month.
  • In handling, design and operation – Baseus headphones are minimalistic and simple. Ergonomic, smooth shape gives them character and makes them suitable for every situation, electronic equipment and user style. You can adjust the volume with just one hand, and you will start or stop the headphones in the same way. The buttons are really small and almost invisible, but well felt on the casing.
  • Great for listening to music, but just as good when you want to watch a movie or live coverage. Carefully designed, they reproduce equally well low and high tones, delicately flowing pop and loud and energetic rock. If necessary.


Baseus Bowie H1 Wireless Headphone Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling & Upto 70 Hours Playtime

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40dB Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation ,You Got Power to Silence the Noise

The dual-feed active noise cancellation technology combines dual-microphone feedback and feedforward, giving you up to 40dB noise cancellation. Experience silence in the noise.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Transparency mode gives you the power to control your listening both internally and externally. Enjoy your music while staying alert to the important sounds around you.

Sound Quality is“Off the Charts”

40mm large drivers deliver 360°stereo, crisp sound that’ll drive you to max. ear pleasure, while expertly balancing high and low frequencies to suit various music genres.

A Battery Life That Will “Wow”You

Get a whopping 70 hours from 1 full charge, and let short battery life problems become a past thing.

70Hours: With noise cancellation off Approx.
40Hours: With noise cancellation on Approx.
1Hour: Fully charge the headphone approx.

10 min for 10hours

Baseus Rapid Charge technology allows your headphones to charge at“Ferrari”speed, giving you 10 hours of battery life from a 10min charge.

Baseus Smart-Connect

You can connect two devices to the earphones, intelligent seamless switch between devices for important messages

Cut out Unwanted Noises, Hear Your Voice Only

4-mic noise cancellation, actively cuts out ambient sounds by automatically cancelling noises and echo, while keeping your voice audible, for pristine sound quality calls.

Snug“Marshmallow-Like”Comfy Fit Listen in Comfort All Day Long

A “Yin-Yang”balance of next level ergonomics and acoustics with an adjustable powder metallurgy headband,for comfort, stability and an unmatched experience.

Wireless 5.2 Transmission, Better and Faster

Wireless 5.2 offers a galore of “goodies”including lower power consumption, faster transmission speed, stability and audio-video lag reduction for an unforgettable experience.

0.038s Low Latency for Optimal Gaming Performance

Baseus Dual-channel Low Latency mode gives you 0.038s low latency,left and right ear sync transmission,and audio-visual sync, for an exhilarating gaming experience.

Breathtaking Design, Sound So Divine

Powder metallurgy metal headband with a“non-plasticky”head-turning posh appearance, for you to enjoy stunning sound, while adding some swag to your style.

Your Headphones, Your Way

Adjust gesture settings, 12 EQ modes, and turn on low latency mode all in the Baseus APP. Set it up just the way you like it.

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