Baseus Comfort Reading Hose Desk Lamp -DGYR-02


Brand Name:BASEUS
Is Bulbs Included:No
Model Number:Baseus Comfort Reading Light Hose Desk Lamp
Switch Type:Touch On/Off Switch
Shade Type:Shadeless


Baseus Table Lamp DGYR-02 Hose Desk Lamps Flexible Comfort Reading Uniform Light-White

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Comfort Reading Charging Uniform Light Hose Desk Lamp

An Eye Protective Lamp is a Necessity Everywhere Without a base l flexible hose l Uniform lighting l Long battery life

Flexible and Space-saving Design Without a Base

Newly upgraded design without a base is to free up space on the desktop, and for limitless application scenarios.

Soft Light Pole forVarious Scenarios

Silicone metal hose with high plasticity can be easily fixed in different scenarios to meet multi-angle lighting.

An Eye Protective Lamp can be Used Everywhere

Bedside: eye protective lighting

Say Goodbye to a Desktop Stacked with Objects

Desktop: save more space on the desktop

80 Hours of Battery Life Truly Long-lasting

High energy storage and low energy consumption for long battery life and to avoid power failure. 80 hours in low light state 3 hours in high light state

High Transparency Surface Light Source for New Visual Experience

Dual light source and evenly interwoven lightachieve comfortable and natural visual effect.

Surface Light Source+Side-emitting

360° oblique lighting technology

Widely Effective illumination coverage

Ra90 High Color RenderingTruly Protects Eyes

The color rendering index is up to Ra90 so thelight can truly and clearly restore the original color of the object.

4000K Natural Light to Better Protect Eyes

The 4000K color temperature meets the international requirements for reading lamps. It is close to natural light rather than dazzling glare for eye protection.

Smart Touch Control, Stepless Brightness Adjustment

Press the touch button to turn on/off and long press to adjust the brightness steplessly to meet the lighting needs in different scenarios.

Remember Your Exclusive Light

The brightness can be memorized after power off toavoid repeatedly adjustment so as to turn on the light with the previous brightness.

Product Parameters

Brand: Baseus Name: Baseus Comfort Reading Uniform Light Hose Desk Lamp Material: ABS+PC+PMMA+Fe Color: White Weight: 330g Input voltage: 5V Power:4.5W Light source: LED Luminous flux: Greater than 20OLM Battery capacity: 1800mAh Color rendering index: 90

The Packing Accessories

For Nightting Lighting

1. Base-less design without occupying space 360° flexible hose, base-less design, can be easily winded on differentshelves without occupying space. 2. Long lasting battery life 1800mAh large capacity, high storage with low energy consumption, long lasting for 80 hours at low light state. 3. Enjoy uniform and quality light from area light source The side light emitting structure makes the light evenly interweaved, and the uniform light surface brings the comfortable and natural visual effect. 4. Stepless adjustment of brightness Quick touch to turn on the light, and long press to adjust the brightness steplessly, thus meeting the needs of different scenarios. 5. 4000K color temperature Natural light color temperature, comfortable and protective for eyes suitable for long-time reading and writing at night.

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