Baseus Dual Power Portable Electric Car Wash Spray Nozzle Basic Set Black


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  • Brand: Baseus
  • Powering method: battery
  • Water drawing method: from tank
  • Input: 5V/2A
  • Rated voltage: 14,4 V
  • Rated power: 50,4W
  • Rated power: 28,8Wh
  • Max. pressure: 0,7MPa
  • Flow rate: 1,2L/min
  • Charging port: USB Type-C
  • Charging time 4-5h
  • Battery life: >30min


Baseus Dual Power Portable Electric Car Wash Spray Nozzle Basic Set Black

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Major features:

  • The washer is sold along with practical accessories
  • The washer is intended not only to wash windows and mirrors, but also wheel rims and terrace boards, and to water the garden
  • Waterproof structure secures against short-circuits and damage
  • The washer is battery-powered – it may operate for about 30 minutes on full battery
  • Minimalist design and impressive materials make the washer look exceptionally fashionable.

Accessories for better quality and comfort of washing

The spray gun is sold with accessories for easier application of water and cleaning agents, so that cleaning gets more precise and faster.

IPX4 for safer use

A waterproof structure guarantees increased security. IPX4 leads to effective protection against short-circuit and damage to battery in case of contacting water.

Cleaning is now faster and more pleasurable

A specially-designed wash gun comes in an ergonomic shape and Nordic style. The body of the washer is fully metal, which assures perfect durability, and user may grab the product firmly and conveniently.

The handle with vertical angle of 115° is a better fit for the palm. Its weight is only 1,3 kg, so keeping it for a long time is not tiring.

Long battery life – as many as 30 minutes of constant operation

This water gun is equipped with four lithium batteries for quick charging. The battery level is presented in real time (in percents) on the gun, so that you know how much time you can spend on cleaning after full charging.

Reliable Power Boost high-pressure technology

A powerful motor, high-quality crankshaft, a smooth wall assuring easy supply of constant water stream – well-thought structure and Power Boost technology allow using the high-pressure washer for more precise cleaning. Draw water from the tank, for example.

Battery powering for increased comfort

Thanks to integral batteries, the spray nozzle may be used in any place and at any time, even without connecting to the power supply. You can easily wash your car even if you live in the tower block. The removable batteries are placed at the bottom – you can take them out by turning the cover to the left. At the front of batteries is Type-C port which you need to connect the charging cable to.

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