Baseus Elephant Humidifier


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  • 2-level Adjustment of Spray
  • Nano-sized Atomization Pieces are More Quiet
  • Night Light Mode
  • 30° Spray Dip Angle, 600ml Bulk Water Tank
  • Anti-dry-burning Design +10h Intelligent Power-off
  • No leakage when putting upside down, safer and more relieved to use


Baseus Elephant Humidifier

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Moisten the Dry Environment

Replenish water with large spray

New Upgrade Large Capacity

  • Two-level adjustment
  • Night light mode
  • Anti-dry-burn design
  • 600ml large capacity
  • Free from leakage
  • 10h intelligent power-off

8h Work with Air Conditioning on Body Moisture Loses Continuously

The prolonged staying in the air-conditioned room could lead to the serious moisture loss of skin due to the dry environment.

All-day Humidification

Never feels so moisturized and comfortable.

Moisturize with Large Spray Relieve of Dryness in an Instant

The spray output is much larger than that of existing small humidifiers on the market, which can rapidly relieve air dryness. – Level 1 large spray offers rapid humidification – Level 2 mild spray brings the delicate moisturizing

Free from Condensation Finer and More Delicate Spray

The nano atomization is newly upgraded from the traditional polymer atomization, which offers larger spray output and lower noise.

Large Capacity of 600ml Saves You from Replenishing Water in 24 Hours

600ml large capacity water tank avoids adding water repeatedly, one refilling of water lasts 15-24 hours.

Accompany and Comfort You at the Long and Fearful Night

Press for 2 seconds to switch to the white night light, which helps you relieve and sleep better.

Low Noise of 25 dB Never Impacts You from Working and Rest

The noise from the nano-sized atomization pieces is as low as 25 decibels, which truly moistens your skin silently.

Wider Scope of Humidification Spray Output at an Inclination of 30 degree

Compared with vertical spray, inclined spray covers a wider humidification range, and it reaches the face directly when in use–convenient with better moisturizing effect.

True Anti-dry Burning with the Probe Detection

When the probe is not in contact with water, the power will be cut off automatically to prevent dry burning without water.

Forget to Turn it Off When You Go Out Intelligent Power-off in 10h

Never mind to leave the humidifier on when you go out. After 10 hours of continuous work, it will be automatically powered off.

Accidental Falling Down Without Leakage

The humidifier is designed with a sealing ring, which protects water from leakage even if it falls down.


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