Baseus New Power Cordless Electric Polisher – Black


  • 3800r/min ± 200: High speed offers higher efficiency.
  • Cordless and electric: Cordless design makes it more convenient for waxing the whole car even without a power source.
  • Two levels of speed:  Adjustable speeds meet different waxing needs.
  • 45 minutes of battery life: Up to 45 minutes of battery life allows you to wax the whole car at one go before running out of power.
  • Car home dual-use: It can be used for waxing cars and floors at home, and more.
  • An eccentric rotating shaft:  An oval track polishing disc helps avoid polishing one area too much and spread the wax paint evenly for smoother paint surface


Baseus New Power Cordless Electric Polisher

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5 significant upgrade features high wax efficiency

The electric polisher has velcro at the bottom, free to change polishing pads.

pick up and use
Wireless design is convenient for waxing

45 minutes of long battery life

Long battery life allows users to wax their cars in one go, even if they have a large vehicle


3800r/min, strong power

Powerful motor with stable performance offers efficient waxing and smooth polishing.

Eccentric rotating shaft offers a uniform effect

Eccentric rotation will prevent polishing one area too much and there is a rough walking effect.


Two levels of speed, more satisfaction

Three types of polishing pads

1. Waffle foam polishing pad-wax: used to seal the glaze.
2. Flat foam pillow-wax: Used as wax.
3. Polishing wool pad-polishing: after waxing evenly with sponge pads, dry the wax car

Anti-shake handle for easier operation

Simple mini easy to store
the part cordless metal polisher has asmall size, which is easy to store in cars.

Wax your car yourself
driving your car after polishing like having a new one.

Car home dual home basics


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