EarFun Air Mini 2 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with 4 Mics, Game Mode & Upto 24Hrs Playtime


  • Instant-Pair & Wide Compatible: After the initial connection is completed when you use it again, just open the charging box, the wireless earbuds will automatically turn on, and connect to the last paired device automatically, which is simple and convenient. Also, EarFun Air Mini 2 true wireless earbuds are widely compatible with most devices with built-in Bluetooth functions.
  • 3D Stereo & CLear Call: EarFun Air Mini 2 Bluetooth earbuds are equipped with 10mm PEN+Titanium composite drivers, creating a clear and natural wide sound field, restoring the true binaural stereo effect. Each earbud is equipped with 2 smart microphones, together the 4 enhanced microphones provide noise-canceling call technology to effectively block out 80% of background noise and make your voice clearer, allowing you to make clear calls and enjoy music in a noisy environment.
  • Comfortable to wear & Lightweight:The EarFun Air Mini 2 wireless earphones feature an ergonomic design that fits most people’s ear canals and angles, and comes with three different sizes of ear tips to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The earphones are lightweight and compact, the earbuds with charge case are only 98g(single earbud weight 3.8g), the charging case size is 57.8*41.7*25mm and the compact body can easily fit in your pocket.
  • 24H Play Time& LED Power Display: The EarFun Air Mini 2 earphones last 6 hours for normal use on a single charge, quick charging using the provided USB-C enables 120mins of listening from just 10 mins of charge, and earbuds + charging total can last up to 24 hours. The powerful battery allows for all-day listening.The LED power display on the charging box helps you manage power easily (green light means 70%-100% power, white light means 30%-70% power, orange light means power is less than 30%).
  • Game Mode& Sensitive Touch Control: With low latency of 100ms brings a better game and video experience, making your game more smooth. With intuitive touchpad technology built into both wireless headphones, you can effortlessly control your music, calls, and volume with a single-finger touch, freeing your hands from your smartphone.
  • Single Mode & Binaural Mode: Either wireless earbuds can be automatically paired to your device for independent use, giving you the flexibility to accommodate the task. Also can work for binaural mode, both earphones immerse you in premium fantastic stereo music.


EarFun Air Mini 2 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with 4 Mics, Game Mode & Upto 24Hrs Playtime

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wireless earbuds 1

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  • First-time connection


1. Take out two earbuds from the charging box, and the earbuds will turn on automatically. (The earbud that is taken out first is the host by default)

2. Search for the pairing name” EarFun Air Mini 2 “and select it.

  • Pairing mode/Reset


Clear pairing records and enter pairing mode: Turn on the earbuds, press and hold both earbuds for 8 seconds to enter pairing mode.


1. Try all ear tips for the best fit and proper seal. Place in the ear canal and slightly rotate to adjust for best fit.

2. To avoid hearing damage, keep the volume at a moderate level.

3. Please do not use EarFunAir Mini 2 for driving, cycling, crossing roads, etc, where your concentration is required.

4. After charging, please pull the charging cable out of the body to avoid the product being charged for a long time. The output voltage and current of the charger are 5V/1A or 5V/1.5A preferred.


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