Huawei Watch GT Runner


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  • 46.4 x 46.4 x 11 mm

    *Product size, product weight, and related specifications are theoretical values only. Actual measurements between individual products may vary. All specifications are subject to the actual product.

  • 46 mm

  • 140-210 mm

  • Approximately 38.5 g (without the strap)

    *Product size, product weight, and related specifications are theoretical values only. Actual measurements between individual products may vary. All specifications are subject to the actual product.

  • Size

    1.43 inch AMOLED 466 x 466 HD

    The AMOLED touchscreen supports slide and touch gestures.

  • Colour

    Grey Durable Polymer Fiber, Black Durable Polymer Fiber


    Durable Polymer Fiber

  • Grey Silicon Strap

    Black Silicon Strap

  • Accelerometer sensor

    Gyroscope sensor

    Geomagnetic sensor

    Optical heart rate sensor

    Air pressure sensor

  • 4 GB

    *The available memory capacity is less than this value because the system software takes up part of the space.

  • Power button, function button

  • Magnetic charging thimble

  • HarmonyOS 2 or later

    Android 6.0 or later

    iOS 9.0 or later

  • 5 ATM water-resistant

    *Devices complying with the 5 ATM-rated water have a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. This means that they may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. However, they should not be used for scuba diving, waterskiing, or other activities involving high-velocity water or submersion below shallow depth.

    For details of waterproof precautions, please refer to:https://consumer.huawei.com/en/support/how-to/newbie-guide/en-us00738723/

  • GNSS



  • Supported

  • Supported

  • Temperature: -20 ℃~+ 45 ℃

  • Charger Voltage and Current Requirements:

    5V 0.5A/1A/1.5A/2A

  • 14 days for typical use.

    (The typical usage scenarios are decided based on the user habits. The specific battery life depends on the user habits and usage frequency.)

  • Watch x 1
    Charging cradle x 1
    Charging cable x 1
    User Guide & Safety Information & Warranty Card x 1
    Watch strap (122 mm x 22 mm )x 1
    Watch strap (107 mm x 22 mm )x 1


Huawei Watch GT Runner

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Scientific running program / accurate real-time heart rate / marathon track level location

Breathe at Speed

Designed for speed and taking inspiration from a sports car grille, the Huawei Watch GT Runner features a hollow bead construction to allow for a more breathable and comfortable wearing experience.

Run light, train hard

The durable polymer-fiber case, offset with ceramic coating, and the aircraft’s titanium-alloy crown combine to create a strong, lightweight and comfortable design of around 38.5g*, helping you achieve better performance.

* Data from Huawei Laboratories. The weight is approx. 38.5g without the strap.

See Your Data Faster

See the data you care about the most like training load, running ability index, recovery time, plus altitude and time via the easy-to-use built-in selector. Just lift your wrist to see what you’re achieving and take your running ability to the next level.

TruSeen™5.0 +

Low consumption, high precision

The newly updated heart rate module includes eight photodiodes in a circular layout and two sets of light sources, combined with a curved glass lens for comfortable use and reduced outside light interference. The AI ​​algorithm has been updated to filter out noise signals more effectively, allowing accurate heart rate monitoring even during strenuous exercise.

Dynamics of Heart Rate Monitoring

The new Truseen IS™5.0+ hardware upgrade on the huawei watch gt runner provides much better heart rate monitoring even for hard interval training. Experience reliable readings, matching those of a chest strap, with 97% accuracy within 10 bpm*

* Data from Huawei Laboratories. 97% accuracy within 10 bpm in the following scenarios: indoor treadmill running, outdoor pace running, long interval and short interval.

Fastest Satellite Location

The antenna is protected by fiber composite material and hidden inside the watch bead. The innovative floating antenna design significantly reduces weight and interference while providing improved connectivity and GPS performance.

Dual band five system GNSS

Precise Positioning Control

Huawei watch gt runner supports top 5 satellite navigation systems, dual-band real-time simultaneous calls, faster satellite search speed and more accurate positioning.

HUAWEI TruSport™

Scientific Program Running

Hardware upgrades ensure more accurate data tracking, and with Huawei Trusport™ Professional Science Running Program, the watch can provide entry-level runners with data and suggestions on training intensity, training volume, recovery time and more. , all from a single run. For advanced runners, receive a running ability assessment, fitness/fatigue status updates, plus long-term training performance analysis. And if you’re an elite runner, get monitoring and evaluation of your running technique. Become a better runner with huawei watch gt runner whatever your current level.

Operating Capacity Index

How to quantify running ability efficiently and accurately has always been a difficult problem for runners. Based on the Huawei Trusport™ Scientific Running Program, Huawei features the Running Ability Index to help runners accurately assess their running ability and level.

View Your Progress

The huawei running ability index provides assessments based on multi-dimensional data including heart rate, pace, distance and historical running frequency. You’ll get an accurate breakdown of your current execution ability and how it compares to your goals. Get the information you need to formulate personal training plans and reliably improve your running performance.

training load

To reach your racing goals you need to train hard but also smart. Know the proper time to rest after a high-intensity session and what training volume is right for you, thanks to the weekly training load feature. Avoid injuries and get where you want to be faster.

training suggestions

With your current running ability and training load as the main data, combined with various other data analysis, Huawei Watch GT Runner provides you with scientifically factored training data and suggestions including fatigue levels, recovery time, intensity of aerobic and anaerobic training, training rates and more. Discover an easier way to adjust your training plan.

AI the Functioning Trainer *

Customize your training plan based on your gender, height and weight, as well as heart rate, running distance and frequency, pace and more. Divided into 4 training periods-initial, refresh, consolidation and reduction-you’ll have a clear path to help you improve at the right pace.

* Ia running coach needs to be configured in the huawei health app, and it can be synced with your watch.

Your coach, your plan

AI Running Coach scientifically analyzes your weekly training data, automatically adjusting your running schedule for the week ahead so you’re always making good progress. See training reports clearly mapped in the huawei health app and chart how close you are to achieving your goals. Make running a joy, not a chore.

Real-time voice guidance

Your custom running plan automatically syncs from the huawei health app to huawei watch gt runner, so it’s there whenever you go for a run. And as you’re running, the real-time voice trainer feature can let you know your heart rate, pace and other body data, as well as your current training goals, via audio alerts – meaning you can focus more fully on your route.

Route sharing and navigation *

Share your favorite running routes and receive recommended routes from *friends*. Once you have your route mapped out, you can explore it offline as you are running, as well as use the return function to get yourself safely back home.

*Offline navigation only applies to huawei watch gt series watches.

Sharing * Route sharing only applies to android phones 6.0/harmonyos 2 or later. To use this function, please update the huawei health app to the latest version. This feature is not supported on ios phones.

2 week battery life*

Huawei watch gt runner provides up to 14 days of battery life from a full charge, and up to 7 days of battery life in *heavy* usage scenarios. It can be charged with a wireless mobile phone**, allowing you to charge it anytime without any battery life concerns.

* Data from Huawei Laboratories. Actual battery life may vary due to individual product differences, usage habits and environmental factors. Consult the actual conditions of use.

Date * data from huawei labs. Actual battery life may vary due to individual product differences, usage habits and environmental factors.

** * This feature is only available for cell phones that support reverse charging. Please contact local customer service for specific models.

Stay Safe Outdoors

Receive recent alerts about incoming bad weather via the built-in barometer. And always keep your bearings no matter how far you go, thanks to the new precision compass function.

convenient control

Huawei watch gt runner is designed to fit your daily life. Use it to conveniently receive calls* and control your music, whether through your watch or your phone.

* The watch does not support independent communication. You need to connect your phone to answer calls.

All-day health insights*

Huawei watch gt runner supports a number of health monitoring functions, including abnormal heart rate notifications, 24/7 blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring and period management. A personalized health manager on your wrist.

* This product is not a medical device, measurement data and results are for reference only, not as a basis for diagnosis and treatment.

Powered by HarmonyOS 2.1

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