Huawei Watch Ultimate With 1.5″ Amoled Display

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  • LUXURY AND PREMIUM MATERIALS – First Smartwatch Featuring Zirconium Based Liquid Metal Case for a Stronger and Corrosion Resistant Watch, 1.5 Inch Amoled Screen Under a Sapphire Dial
  • DIVING TECHNOLOGY – 100 M Water Resistant with Accurate and Diverse Diving Modes Like Recreational Scuba Diving, Technical Scuba Diving3, Gauge Mode Diving3 and Free Diving
  • ALL-NEW EXPEDITION MODE – Precision Dual System GPS and with +20 Professional and +100 Basic Fitness Modes, Activity Tracker From Hiking to Cross-Country Running to Climbing to Diving and More
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE – Up to 14-Day Battery Life with Typical Use and 8-Day Battery Life with Heavy Use to Experience More with Your Smartwatch, Fully Charge in 60 Mins with Wireless Fast Charger
  • PROFESSIONAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT – All Day Health Management with ECG Analysis, Arterial Stiffness Detection, Heart Rate, Accurate Sleep Tracker and Much More


Huawei Watch Ultimate With 1.5″ Amoled Display

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Six Reasons To Choose HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate is built to accompany you on all of your adventures, a crafted masterpiece of a smart watch that’s as dynamic as it is durable. Scale new heights, plunge to new depths, and explore the deep unknown knowing this watch has got your back!

Extraordinary materialsthe heart of adventure

The world’s first smart watch made of ultra-strongamorphous zirconium alloy, which is strong andstrong, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant,fearless of harsh environments, and even capableof space-grade exploration tasks; Using advancednanomolding technology, it is lighter and morecomfortable.

Across the ocean

With tranquility, to depth. Inspired by thedepths of the sea. The four corners aredesigned with a hollow bottom of theflying wing sailboat, which helps you swimconfidently in any situation

The deep blue nano-tech ceramic bezel brings the mystery and allure of the ocean out into the open, and on to your wrist!

Match the watch with an elegant and durable aviation-grade titanium strap, to make your presence felt at meetings, get-togethers, and formal occasions. The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate VOYAGE BLUE even comes with a professional diving strap

Ride the mountains

With calm, to the unknown. Mysterious deep blacktone nanocrystalline ceramic bezel, red scale logoclearly visible, accompany you to explore the
unknown future.

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate’s 360° compass-inspired bezels are sure to bring out your inner explorer

Pair the watch with the high-elastic, lightweight HNBR strap to enjoy a skin-soothing feel, and highly-durable properties like water resistance and low-temperature tolerance.

Get a Glimpse, Learn a Lot

The 1.5-inch LTPO AMOLED screen fits snugly under the sapphire watch dial9 and provides the essential info at a glance, so that each dive and climb can be performed with absolute confidence.

Multiple styles, easy

A variety of watch faces to choose from, thewatch face market is constantly updated, tosuit different scenes, different moods, to meetyour changing needs.

The stars are boundless, go far

HUAWEI WATCH Utimate is the world’s first mass smart watch that supports two-way Beidousatellite messages. ln the absence of a terrestrial network, WATCH Ultimate can independentlysend Beidou satellite messages to other mobile terminals. The recipient can receive Beidousatellite messages through the Changlian APP or short message, and can reply to HUAWElWATCH Ultimate Extraordinary Master according to the preset message through the ChanglianAPP or the URL link in the short message. Break through the limitations of terrestrial networksand connectwith the world with peace of mind.

Plunge to New Depths

*100 M metre Water Resistance During Dives
*10 ATM Water Resistance Standard
*An internationally-recognised standard for diving accessories.

Excellent waterproof

Innovative waterprpof technology breaks through the imit of 100-meter waterproofperformance of smant watches. Containing 16 precis on waterproof structures, anoriginal micron-level filter layer and a new waterproof and breathable membrane, itbrings superior waterproof sealing performance, and is not afraid of high pressureeven when diving into theldeep sea

Unlimited potential

Explore a variety of dive modesincluding recreational scubatechnical scuba, freediving,instrument diving and more.Flexible settings, professionaldata, always with you every timeyou explore.


Support for 100-meter scuba divingmode for the first time, providing
professional data logging, dive
algorithms and dive quidance tohelp you dive deeper. More advanceddiving users can provide CElL andother data and emergency predictionwhich is more peace of mind.

The watch’s new three-button design makesit easy to operate even underwater with gloves.

Professional data at a glance. Using the Buhlmanndecompression algorithm model, which has beenproven in practice for more than 30 years, itcontinuously monitors dive data and givesprofessional diving guidance according to differentdive statuses, ensuring that you always have a goodgrasp of the underwater situation and can bedistracted and immerse yourself in the blue.

Professional dive computer watch for precise safetyMore than 20 custom alarms and reminders,including rising speed, safe stop and decompressionstop, can also be set according to usage habits andpersonal circumstances. Built-in buzzer and motorprovide alerts and alarms through sight, touch andnearing.Multiple guarantees to protect underwatersafety

Continuous care, continued wonderful. Aftercompleting your dive, the watch provides scientificno-fly time recommendations for peace of mind.Together with the Huawei Sports Health app onyour phone, you can quickly view and share vourdive log to record unforgettable memories.

Challenge potential

The newly upgraded freediving modesupports 100-meter depth recordingflexible setting of multiple functions,diving curve recording and convenientinteractive design, fully unlocking thefun of adventure.

Stay the Course

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate’s all-new Expedition Mode is backed by Dual-Band Five-System GNSS to ensure more accurate positioning. Its specially designed dim mode makes it easy to read in dimly-lit environments, whether it’s a night by the campfire or hike under the stars.

Safeguards Your Health

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate captures dynamic heart rate and other health indicators with remarkable precision, while continuing to monitor crucial data during workouts14, such as SpO2 and real-time heart rate. It will even send out timely alerts whenever it detects something abnormal, like a low oxygen level or high heart rate.

A variety of sports modes, accompany you up the mountain and down the sea

Provide 20+ professional sports modes and 100+ basicsports modes to meet your different outdoor sportsneeds. As you hike, climb, trail running, and more,WATCH Ultimate intelligehtly tracks metrics such ascalories burned, activity time, distance, route, and takesyou farther away with expert data and recommendations

Intelligent Outdoor Power Management

When an outdoor mode like Walking, Hiking or Trail Running is enabled, you can customise the watch screen to get only the most essential info at a glance, and benefit from smart power management modes, which take your immediate and long-term needs into account.

2-Week Battery Life

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate offers blazing-fast wireless charging, and once fully charged, it can last for 14 days before needing another boost, making it a reliable companion on your outdoor adventures.

Swing Like a Pro

The watch records a myriad of golf swing data, including swing speed, swing tempo, backswing time, and downswing time. Driving range mode follows your swing down to the last detail, with handy demos and tips to take your game to new heights.

Beat-by-Beat ECG Analysis

New and improved electrode technology has made ECGsiqnal collection more accurate and responsive. Just touchthe electrode on the side for 30 seconds to get real-timedata that can help vou screen for common heart conditions
at the earliest opportunity

Arterial Stiffness Detection

High-precision ECG and PPG sensors detect arterial
stiffness, an indicator of arteriosclerosis, and science-driven
tips help bolster your cardiovascular health.

All-Day Health Management

The HUAWEI TruSeen™ 5.0+ technology enhances the accuracy of heart rate readings during strenuous workouts, harnessing eight photoelectric sensors, two groups of light sources, an upgraded AI algorithm, and curved glass lens.

Bluetooth Calling

Answer and reject incoming calls, send out custom quick replies, and view call logs, to stay plugged in even when you’re checking out.

Wealth of Third-Party Apps

Download your favourite apps through Watch AppGallery, to stay informed and entertained with just a flick of the wrist.

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Black with Silicon Strap, Blue with Titanium Strap


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