Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Lite


  • Model: MJSTL
  • Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh ( rated capacity ) 2600 mAh ( nominal capacity )
  • Gyroscope & Visual-aided Navigation
  • 25 High-precision Sensors
  • 2,200 Pa Powerful Suction
  • 450 mL Large-Capacity Dustbin
  • Zigzag Cleaning Path
  • Electronically-controlled Water Tank
  • 3 Water Level Settings
  • Cleaning Control at Your Fingertips
  • Multiple High-precision Sensors
  • 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum & Mop
  • Rated Power: 35 W
  • Rated Voltage: 14.4 V⎓
  • Net Weight: 3.1 kg
  • Item Dimensions: 353 × 81.3 mm
    Package Contents:
    Vacuum-mop × 1
    User Manual × 1
    Dustbin x 1
    Brush × 1
    Brush Cover × 1
    Side Brush × 1
    Water Tank (Mop pad pre-installed) × 1
    Mop Pad (Replacement) × 1
    Charging Dock × 1
    Power Cord × 1
    Side Brush (Replacement) × 1
    Cleaning Tool × 1


Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Lite
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Xiaomi presents in the global market what may be the cheapest cleaning robot, Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Lite.

We can see that it has a very similar design to the one presented almost 2 years ago in China, the Mi Robot Vacuum G1, but with some differences in the specifications.

An outstanding aspect is the height, since its low height, only 81.3 mm, makes it one of the most compact robots on the market, thus making it easier to clean in inaccessible areas, such as under furniture., Beds,…

It has an improved navigation system to which it adds a wide-angle lens, thus increasing the precision in its analysis of the environment. We must also add the 25 different types of high-precision sensors.

It has a suction power of 2200 Pa, a 450 ml tank for dust and a 270 ml tank for water, whose pump is electronically controlled and allows up to 3 different settings depending on the type of dirt or soil.


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