Mi Temperature And Humidity Monitor Pro
Mi Temperature And Humidity Monitor Pro
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Mi Temperature And Humidity Monitor Pro

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Mi Temperature And Humidity Monitor Pro

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Mijia Electronic Thermo-hygrometer Pro, know the time and control the temperature and humidity

● Temperature and humidity monitoring

● Electronic ink screen

● Smart Interconnection

● Flexible placement

*Two versions of Mijia Electronic Thermo-hygrometer Pro and Mijia Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Electronic Meter are shipped randomly and cannot be specified; the material and performance are the same, please rest assured to buy.

A thermometer and hygrometer that perceives subtle changes in temperature and humidity

Continuously monitor changes in indoor temperature and humidity to take care of the health of you and your family in all seasons

Temperature and humidity are closely related to our respiratory health, allergic diseases, skin health and other physical conditions. Continuously monitor the temperature and humidity changes in baby rooms, bedrooms, pet rooms, offices, etc., and adjust them at any time to improve comfort and take care of family health , Take care of pets.

Control the temperature and humidity of a specific place and pay attention to your good life

Grasp the temperature and humidity changes in the flower room, kitchen, storage room, bathroom and other places, so as to better cultivate flowers and plants, store food materials and other items, and adjust the temperature and humidity in a timely manner to better prevent the growth of bacteria.

Link smart devices to start a healthy and comfortable life

Through the Mijia Bluetooth gateway, the Mijia Electronic Thermo-hygrometer Pro can be linked with other smart devices in the home to improve indoor comfort and start a smart and healthy life. *Search for Mijia Electronic Thermo-hygrometer Pro in [Mi Home APP], you can add equipment to realize linkage.

An expression, understand comfort

You obviously feel that the temperature is very comfortable, but why is the thermometer and hygrometer angry? This is because when you are in a comfortable temperature environment, it is easy to ignore the humidity level. With intuitive emotions, comfort can be easily understood.

Clear display with multiple viewing angles, accurate detection of temperature and humidity changes

Large-size electronic ink screen, still clearly visible from multiple viewing angles

It adopts 3.7-inch (88mm × 33mm) E-ink electronic ink screen, ultra-low power consumption, and two button batteries can be standby for about one year. Multi-view viewing is still highly clear, making the eyes easier. *Note: The “inch” in 3.7 inches is not a unit of measurement. It is used to distinguish product models. Please refer to product parameters for actual size data.

High-precision chips and sensors to ensure the accuracy of time, temperature and humidity

Built-in high-precision RTC clock chip, the correct time is displayed when the power is turned on, and it is still correct after replacing the battery. At the same time, the Swiss Sensirion high-precision sensor is selected to accurately sense the subtle changes in temperature and humidity, and the Mijia Electronic Thermo-hygrometer Pro with accurate and high-definition display is achieved. *The boot display time is Beijing time, and other time zones can be automatically updated after connecting to [Mi Home APP].

A smart thermometer and hygrometer that understands your mind

Temperature and humidity history record, know every change in detail

The Mijia Electronic Thermo-hygrometer Pro device can store the temperature and humidity changes within half a year. Open the [Mi Home APP], Search for Mijia Electronic Thermohygrometer Pro, add a device, and you can visually check every temperature and humidity change through the temperature and humidity curve in the history. *The temperature unit can be freely switched between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit in the [Mi Home APP], which makes the application range wider and meets more needs.

Intelligent adjustment, heating and cooling

When the weather is hot, the air conditioner is automatically turned on or off by the temperature conditions set in the Mi Home APP in advance. When the room is dry, the humidifier will be automatically turned on or off through the humidity conditions set in the Mi Home APP in advance. * Via Mijia Bluetooth Gateway, Mijia Electronic Thermo-hygrometer Pro can be linked with other smart devices in the home.

Focus on detailed design to create a beautiful thermometer and hygrometer

Multi-accessory design, place it as you like, let Mijia Electronic Thermo-hygrometer Pro on the table, on the wall, on the refrigerator

Intimately provides three placement methods: desktop stand, wall sticker, and soft magnet, plus only 10.1mm thickness and 60g weight, making Mijia Electronic Thermo-hygrometer Pro easy to use and more beautiful. The bedside table in the bedroom and the desk in the office can be placed as you like, and the refrigerator door can be sucked as you like. Even “on the wall” will satisfy you. You can place it freely and choose as you like.

Unique mirror design enhances the sense of design

The display screen adopts PMMA material 3D mirror arc design, which greatly enhances the sense of fashion design.

Professional guarantee, reliable quality

A variety of professional certifications and tests to ensure product material, safety regulations and accuracy of measurement, etc., to fully guarantee product quality.

What is included

● Xiaomi Mijia Electronic Thermo-hygrometer Pro (including 2 battery) × 1

● Bracket×1

● Wall sticker×1

● Soft magnet×1

● User manual×1

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