Mi Water Ionic Hair Dryer – H500


  • Type: Water ion hair dryer
  • High air volume quick drying technology
  • Hot & cold cycle mode
  • Double-layer magnetic air nozzle
  • NTC smart temperature control
  • Rated voltage: 220v
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated power: 1800w
  • Weight: 0.547kg
  • Size: 160×77×215mm
  • Weight: 770g
The Mi Ionic Hair Dryer is all you need to wear style and comfort. This highly innovative beauty gadget with an explicit quality will assure you a frizz-free, quick hair drying experience. Moreover, its specifically designed nozzle head makes it handy when it comes to styling your hair with minimum effort being made.


Mi Water Ionic Hair Dryer – H500

It can blow out water ions and thousands of negative ions to replenish hair moisture. Leaves hair softer and smoother.

20m/s super wind speed. The body is small and portable. Intelligent control of hot and cold temperature.

High-speed motor, fast drying hair

According to the principle of the aircraft engine, it is equipped with a 20,000-rpm DC high-speed motor and 7 aviation turbine blades to generate super-large wind power with a wind speed of up to 20m/s and dry hair quickly.

Water ion deep hair care

The built-in condensation sheet condenses the moisture in the air, atomizes it into negative water ions, and releases it to the surface of the hair, neutralizes static electricity, smooths frizz, makes hair soft and shiny, and gently cares for the hair.

The body is very compact, you can take it with you when you go out

Only the width of a palm, more convenient to carry when traveling on business, compact design, simpler to use, not tired after blowing for a long time.Tookfun.

Intelligent temperature control cooling and heating cycle, hot air quick drying, cold air shaping

The built-in heat detector can adjust the air temperature in real time to prevent hair from overheating and injury. The hot and cold cycle mode, the hot air is quick to dry, and the cold air styling can moisturize the hair and provide comprehensive hair care.

Intelligent cooling and heating cycle mode

When the ambient temperature is less than 22°C, it will circulate hot air for 7 seconds and cold air for 5 seconds. When the ambient temperature is greater than or equal to 22°C, it will circulate hot air for 5 seconds and cold air for 7 seconds.

NTC Intelligent Temperature Control System

Using the NTC intelligent temperature control system, by detecting the ambient temperature, automatically adjust the working time of the hot and cold air, and better maintain the hair.

360° freely rotating air outlet

The use of 360° freely rotating air outlet can quickly dry the hair while meeting the needs of local styling. The double-layer heat insulation design can effectively prevent burns.

New noise reduction design

The noise is smaller and more comfortable. It uses 7 blades to imitate the flow design of an airplane propeller. Each blade has been professionally balanced and adjusted, which can effectively reduce the noise and make the experience more comfortable.

3 modes of temperature and 2 wind speed adjustment modes to meet different nursing needs

With automatic memory function, it will be automatically turned on the next time it is used, and multiple modes can be switched freely, making the operation more convenient.

Minimalist aesthetic design, exquisite and beautiful

Comfortable to the touch and more resistant to dirt. The geometric aesthetic design is simple and elegant.

Multiple overheat protection, safer

Use NTC to detect the temperature in real time, and select high-sensitivity temperature components. When the temperature of the hair dryer is overheated, the overheat protection will be activated, the power will be automatically cut off, and the fuse protection will be carried out in extreme cases.


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