Xiaomi Compact Hair Dryer H101

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  • Hair care function Negative ion hair care
  • Double-insulated air nozzle | Prevents accidental burns
  • Quick-drying without damaging your hair
  • A dual overheat protection mechanism for more reassuring use
  • Multi-protection to reject hazards
  • 15m/s* high air flow | Multiple air flow modes
  • Foldable handle | Easily carried in travel bags
  • Convenient hanger For easy hanging storage


Xiaomi Compact Hair Dryer H101

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The handle is foldable for easy carrying

Ergonomic design, more comfortable to hold. The body weight is about 430g, which is lighter than a bottle of Coke. Say goodbye to bulkiness and fatigue, and make hair drying so easy.

The 20,000rpm high-performance high-speed motor provides strong power and blows out a strong wind of 15m/s. The 6-wing fan blade is designed to imitate the spiral flow of an airplane, and the wind is strong but not dry.

Two wind and temperature modes, one touch to switch instantly.
Two levels of wind temperature and two levels of wind speed can meet different hair blowing needs. Switch between hot and cold air, just one touch, you can enjoy the wind temperature mode you want

Innovative balanced heating body design, balanced temperature care for your hair.
The heating tap-shaped tower design, stepped distribution, can generate heat efficiently, and balance the temperature conduction to take care of the warmth of each strand of hair.

The built-in negative ion generator generates 50 million negative ions, which are released to the hair surface, which can neutralize static electricity, smooth the fried hair, and make the hair smooth and shiny.

Different colors to meet your aesthetic needs.

Double overheating protection for more peace of mind.
When the temperature exceeds the safe range, the power-off protection will be automatically activated. In extreme cases, the fuse performs irreversible fusing protection. Double protection, safe and worry-free.

The double-layer heat-insulated air collector prevents accidental burns.
The air nozzle can be rotated flexibly 360°, no matter which angle you can style easily. The double-layer heat insulation design reduces the temperature of the outer surface of the air nozzle during the hair blowing process, reducing the risk of accidental burns.


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