Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300


  • 2K ultra-clear image quality — Protect your home and business 24/7 The 3MP ultra-clear imaging sensor and pro-grade optical lens provide 24h day and night surveillance and high-resolution recording of detected movements. Featuring WDR Technology that can handle complex outdoor environments.
  • Full-color night vision, clear images even at the darkest night. Equipped with 2 built-in high-power white lights and 2 infrared lights, the camera can record full-color images even at the darkest night. The high-power white lights will be automatically turned on when human movements are detected for full-color image recording.
  • Focus zone for smarter detection Set focus zone to your preference in Xiaomi Home app, and get alarm notifications when suspicious movements are detected within the focus zone, while filter out unnecessary notifications caused by movements outside of the focus zone.
  • Audible and visual warning Keep potential threats away When an intruder is detected entering the focus zone, the camera will automatically trigger an audible alarm with high-frequency flashing lights, driving away potential intruders.
  • Real-time voice intercom As if you were having a face-to-face conversation High quality voice intercom with the built-in high-power speaker and high-fidelity microphone. Clear voice pickup from up to 7 meters. Audio and video are recorded for playback.


Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300

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