Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW400


  • Product Model MJSXJ04HL
  • Resolution 2560 x 1440
  • 4MP with large aperture Ultra-clear 2.5K picture quality
  • Four-light smart full-colour night vision
  • Horizontal and vertical dual gimbals
  • Two-way voice calling to make conversation easier
  • Time-lapse photography
  • MJA1 security chip | Maximum privacy and safety
  • Local and cloud dual storage
  • Aperture F1.6
  • Lens Angle 113°
  • Video Encoding H.265
  • Wireless Connectivity  Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Storage Mode MicroSD card (up to 256GB supported)
  • Compatible with Android 8.0 or iOS 12.0 and above
  • Rated Input 12V/1A
  • Water Resistance Rating IP66 | Ready for tough Weather conditions
  • Product Working Temperature -30°C–60°C
  • Adapter Working Temperature -30°C–45°C


Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW400

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Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW400

4 Megapixel Ultra-Clear Picture Quality, Waterproof Double Cradle Head

Intelligent Full-Color Night Vision| IP66 Dstproof Waterproof | Dual Antenna Network | Two-Way Talk

AI Human Detection | Acousto-Optical Warning | Time Lapse Photography

4 million pixels with a large aperture, bringing 2.5K high-definition delicate picture quality

4 million pixels, 2.5K* ultra-clear image quality, F1.6 large aperture lens and high-performance CMOS image sensor, bring a new image quality experience, the picture is clear and bright, and the details are restored better.

*2.5K refers to the horizontal resolution of the picture above 2500 pixels, and the resolution is 2560 x1440.

Smart full-color night vision with 4 lights, you can take pictures clearly at night

In low-light environments, the picture still maintains color. The built-in white light fill light of the camera will automatically light up when a human figure is recognized at night.

Professional IP66 dustproof and waterproof design, can resist the stormy weather

The professional outdoor IP66 dustproof and waterproof design provides the camera with a reliable outdoor experience and makes it easier to cope with complex outdoor environments.

Horizontal and vertical dual gimbals

Double gimbal design, horizontal viewing angle 360°, vertical viewing angle 160°

High-gain dual-antenna design, better and more stable Wi-Fi signal

The built-in high-gain dual-antenna design ensures the stability of the long-distance transmission of the camera network, making the transmission distance longer and more penetrating.

Two-way voice, easy conversation, smart noise reduction, coping with outdoor environment

Built-in high-sensitivity microphone, high-quality high-power speakers. The pickup distance is long, the sound is loud, and the dialogue is clear.

AI humanoid detection filter invalid alarm

Using a new generation of AI human figure recognition algorithm, when a human figure appears on the screen, an alarm video is automatically recorded and a reminder is sent to the mobile phone.

Sound and light warning, active defense, alarm information quickly sent to your mobile phone

When the camera detects someone intruding in the monitoring area, it will actively send out an alarm sound and high-frequency flashing lights, which is a double deterrent. At the same time, the Mi Home APP pushes the alarm message in time.

Time-lapse photography, record the beautiful memories in life

Turn on the time-lapse photography function, the camera can condense and present the beautiful moments in life, and you will never miss the wonderful outdoors.

Mijia Security Chip provides powerful protection to ensure privacy and security

Using Mijia security chips, each chip has its own private key and certificate to ensure communication and storage security.

Local + cloud dual storage, double protection of important information

Hoisting, side-mounting, pole-holding, placement, can be used indoors and outdoors

Provides four installation methods: hoisting, side mounting, pole holding, and placement. Users can choose a suitable installation method according to their needs.

* If you choose pole-holding installation, it can be used with 8mm pole-holding, which needs to be purchased separately.

Three simple steps, easy to complete the setup

① Download Mi Home APP

② Power on the camera

③ Mi Home APP scans the QR code at the bottom of the device

* Please select Mainland China for the APP server

What’s in the box?


Power Adapter

Wall mount bracket

Power cord waterproof tape

Wall/Top Mount Positioning Sticker

Screw kit


Installation Notes

① The positioning point of the mounting bracket is vertically embedded in the positioning hole of the camera

② Paste the positioning sticker and punch holes

③ Knock in the expansion bolt

④ Tighten the expansion screw

⑤ Wrap the power cord interface with waterproof tape


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