Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L
Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L
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Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L

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Brand : xiaomi Mijia

Product Model : MAF01

Product Size : 335x282x304mm

Product Weight : 3.9Kg

Gross Weight : 5.2Kg

Product Volume : 3.5L

Rated Voltage / Frequency : 220V~50HZ

Rated Power : 1500W

Temperature Control : 80-200°C

Control Mode : Touch Screen / APP

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L

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Healthy fried, fast cooking

360° hot air circulation, fast enjoy low-fat food

Not just an air fryer

It is also a yogurt machine, a dried fruit machine, a microwave oven, and an electric oven

Wide temperature zone, 24h cooking*

40-200℃ adjustable*, 24 hours long cooking time

Rich smart recipes

Easy to use, smart and caring

24-hour smart appointment

Make an appointment before going to bed, eat in the morning

Power off when pumping the pot*

Cooking status at a glance

OLED screen intelligent interaction

Fun customization, screen display

Double layer water-based non-stick coating

Wear-resistant and non-sticky, easier to clean

No oil and no smoke, 360. Hot air circulation

Low-fat healthy visible

360°hot air circulation heating, wrap the food in all directions, force out the oil inside the food, and reduce the oil and fat visible. The heat flow churns at a high speed, the food is heated more evenly, and the outside is crispy and the inside is tender. Reject the greasiness and complexity of fried food, and enjoy the appetite.
Hot air circulation Evenly heated Low fat and less oil

40-200℃ precise adjustable temperature zone

Not only fried, but also defrosted and fermented

It can be adjusted in a wide temperature range of 40-200℃, dual-speed configuration, in addition to high temperature air frying, it can also defrost and bake various dried fruits and vegetables and meat at low temperature, and it can also be fermented at a constant temperature. It integrates the functions of a variety of home appliances such as ovens, microwave ovens, dried fruit machines, yogurt machines, etc.
40℃-80℃ adjustable low temperature zone (1800 revolutions/min)

The low-temperature area is automatically matched with the low-wind speed gear of the two-speed motor to make the temperature rise softer.

Constant temperature yogurt

Temperature: 40℃

Low temperature fermentation: 8 hours

Dried fruit

Temperature: 60℃

Low temperature drying: 4 hours


Temperature: 45℃

Low temperature defrosting: 10 minutes

80℃-200℃ Adjustable medium and high temperature zone 2600/min

The high wind speed gear of the two-speed motor is automatically matched in the medium and high temperature area, which makes the temperature rise faster.

Mixed vegetables 160℃ 15min

Egg tart 190℃ 25min

Sweet potato 200℃ 30min

Chicken wings 180℃ 15min

Cake 160C 30min

Bread 170℃ 18min

24 hours cooking time to achieve more food solutions

A longer cooking time and a wider temperature range provide more cooking possibilities. Dried fruits, dried meat, yogurt, and cute pets can also be eaten with confidence. The air fryer is the exclusive snack machine at home.

8 hours yogurt 5 hours dried fruit 4 hours jerky

Fast heating speed, save time and worry

1500w strong internal heat, rapid heating, more balanced temperature in the pot, faster cooking, fried chicken with French fries, no need to take out, you can do it yourself.

50+ smart recipes*, Xiaobai can quickly get started

The product has been connected to the Mijia App, with 50+ smart recipes, allowing Xiaobai to easily handle food. At the same time, it supports custom cooking mode, so the cooking expert can DIY at will.

Appointment 24 hours a day

No matter how busy you are at work, you can enjoy food conveniently

Put the food in the fryer in advance, whether you go to get off work in the morning or go to work in the evening, you can enjoy the healthy food brought by the air fryer in a fast-paced moment.

Power off the pot, check the cooking status at any time

You can pull out the pan to check the food status or turn the food over during cooking. Put it back into the fryer and continue to work without resetting, which is more convenient and more secure.
It can be fried crispy without deep frying

Better filter excess oil

After cooking, the oil filter on the bottom of the pan is clearly visible, and the deep-fried taste can be obtained without oil, which is low-fat and healthy.

OLED interactive screen, customize your exclusive recipe name

One turn and one button, not only can easily adjust the cooking temperature and time, but also reminds the food to turn the pot. Support App to customize the screen information, TA’s favorite sweet and sour pork ribs, and his own original loving mother’s dishes, you can do it for you

Exclusive grill, the capacity of the pan basket is upgraded

The 3.5L gold capacity can meet the daily food intake of 1-5 people. With the exclusive grill, the cooking space can be ”doubled”. With the same capacity, we can do more.

8 2-layer egg tarts

2 2-layer steaks

12 pieces of 2 layers dried lemon

12 2-layer chicken wings

Wear-resistant PTFE non-stick coating on the outer outer layer

PTFE non-stick coating on the outer and inner layers

Strengthen the adhesion layer

Base layer of alloy plate

Strengthen the adhesion layer

Inside inner layer PTFE non-stick coating

Wear-resistant PTFE non-stick coating on the inner and outer layers

With Xiaoai classmates, intelligent interconnection, easy command

Connect with Xiao Ai, pause the voice, turn off the air fryer, check the remaining time, easily realize smart cooking, free your hands, and make cooking more convenient.
Small footprint, easy to store

Small size, there is a ”place” everywhere.

Safety net

The design is thoughtful to prevent the human body from contacting the top heating tube.

Innovative stripe air duct

Air circulation is more thorough and heating is more even.

Safety net

Unique heat dissipation design improves service life.

please connect app by following method:

1.open the bluetooth and wifi,then change the region to China in setting page.2.search “Mi air frying pan”,then connect app base the picture steps


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