Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder


  • Automatic dispensing with fixed timing and dosage – Scientific diet management around the clock – It is paired with Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, so you can control the dispensing time and dosage from anywhere, making travelling more enjoyable and pet feeding more conventient and scientific.
  • Smooth dispensing system – Regular dispensing times: The unique six-grid dispensing structure, flexible soft silicone food stirrer and dispensing blades have been tested to over 10,000 dispensing cycles* to ensure smooth dispensing via a wide channel that effectively prevent blockages.
  • Tap to add food remotely via the app: Set fixed time and quantity of automic feeding in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app and remotely dispense extra food, even when away from home. Maximum kibble diameter: 5–12 mm
  • Real-time smart food level monitoring via the app: Two sets of sensors constantly monitor the remaining food and dispensing status. Food shortages or errors are indicated by the feeder light and on the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app.


Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder

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Regular quantitative automatic grain output
All-day scientific diet management
Connected to the Mijia APP, you can control the time and quantity of food at any time, and set up an all-weather regular quantitative automatic feeding plan for pets to travel with confidence, making feeding more scientific and convenient.
It can be adapted to pet dry food with particle diameter 5-12mm.
(Does not support freeze-dried grains and grain-shaped grains)

Smooth grain delivery system

Delicious arrived on time
The unique six-grid grain distribution structure, flexible soft silicone material stirring grain tablets + grain distribution blades passed tens of thousands of grain output tests*, the grain delivery is smooth and unimpeded, the grain road is wide, and avoid food jams from the source.
Enjoy smart pet keeping
Customized exclusive feeding plan
Through the Mijia APP, you can set the timing and quantitative automaticFeeding plan, even remotely controlledUse your finger to “add meal”. Support Xiaoai voice control
Experience interesting interaction
The device supports the voice control of Xiaoai classmates, control the food setting and add meals, and experience entertainment operation. 
Food shortage reminder
Real-time intelligent monitoring
Two sets of sensors constantly monitor the remaining food and the state of food output. When there is a shortage of food or an abnormality occurs, the host is immediately alerted to the owner through the indicator light of the fuselage and the Mijia APP to ensure normal feeding. 
Power failure and network interruption
The plan is not messy, the pet does not panic
Machine storage feeding plan, built-in emergency power supply system* can put four 5th thousand batteries, accidental network disconnection, power failure can still maintain the plan to deliver food on time.
The spare battery needs to be purchased by yourself. Triple seal lock fresh and moisture-proof
Every meal is fresh and delicious
The first barrel lid
360° silicone seal ring lock fresh
High-quality silicone ring can effectively block the air and slow down the oxidation of food.
The second grain storage barrel
Built-in replaceable drying box
Independently replaceable, dehumidifying and moisture-proof, allowing each grain to dry and keep fresh for a long time.
The third heavy export
The spherical “revolving door” locks the freshness implicitly
The unique spherical design seals and locks the fresh food; the hidden grain feeding method prevents pets from being damaged by biting. Food contact grade material
304 stainless steel food bowl
Grain storage buckets, grain stirring tablets, grain-dividing blades, and 304 stainless steel food bowls all meet the requirements of food contact level*. The food bowls can be removed and cleaned, so it is not easy to accumulate grease and it is not easy for pets to produce black jaws. Super storage capacity
Designed specifically for cats and small dogs, the fresh food storage is about 1.8kg of 1000 grains*, which is about 15-20 days of food for an ordinary adult cat or small dog*, easily responding to daily or short-distance feeding needs.
Dry food≈1.8k
Available time≈20 days
Ingenuity and intelligence, scientific favor Security details, caring
Open cover safety lock: prevent pets and children from accidentally touching
Smart food outlet will bounce off when blocked: to prevent cat claws from being caught
Nylon braided wire: not easy to bite off
The power cord can be stored to prevent tripping the power supply/grain bucket  Applicable objects: cats and small and medium-sized dogs
Not suitable for pets and large dogs within three months
Suitable dry grain diameter: 5-12
Does not support freeze-dried roots and grain-shaped grains
If the emergency power supply system takes effect, it is necessary to install dry batteries in advance, and spare dry batteries must be purchased by yourself only with supportive dry batteries. For details, please refer to the instruction manual.
The voice control function of Xiaoai needs to be implemented with capable voice devices such as Xiaoai speakers.
The test data is calculated based on a 5kg adult cat (or 10kg small dog) eating about 80g (120g) of dry port per day. In actual use, there may be errors due to changes in the objective environment, the type of dry food, or the type of pet, age, health, and behavior.
Suitable for adult dog breeds with shoulder height below 40cm.
It is recommended to change the drying once a month


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