Your smart TV may not be smart, from a single input of these streaming sticks and boxes you will be able to watch your favorite Tv shows and movies without bothering yourself. Most smart Televisions are dull and they can’t stream the latest apps and videos. If you want to have the joy of the internet on your Tv screen and you want to watch your favorite Tv shows, then you can get this kind of solace by simply plugging a streaming stick into your Tv’s port. With a good streaming device, your home can be turned into a smart home hub.  


Tech –Savvy people always want something unique. Chromecast is the technology now. Chromecast is widely available and it’s definitely worth the money! Now your favorite content can be streamed on your television and you can watch numerous wonderful TV shows on your tv screen. Watching your favorite movie on the small screen of your cell phone is boring. Chromecast can easily be taken anywhere whether it’s a party at your friend’s house or a function at your grandmother’s home. It is too awesome to have. The immediacy and pervasiveness of a Chromecast is its major quality. Chromecast is ergonomic and wonderfully connects us to our favorite TV shows, now you don’t have to re-watch movies to look at minor details, because of its splendid technology.

With the emergence of science fiction and technology, Chromecast is a new trend. By simply giving vocal commands through Google assistant you can stream your favorite shows. Netflix includes many new features and an improved interface that can be accessed by using only such devices. Chromecast is easy to use and possesses a user-friendly interface with simple operations and simple steps so you can enjoy your favorite TV show. All you have to do is simply connect Chromecast HDMI PORT to a TV projector, whatever you’ll watch on a cell phone will be mirrored on the TV screen. 

 Chromecast with Google TV:

The mind-blowing interface of Google Tv makes it essential for your entertainment.  The features are more than enough to have it in the heart of your home.  The remote which comes with Google tv and Chromecast is tangible and comfortable to hold. The remote doesn’t contain any extra buttons but it is really small and cute. There are three buttons on this remote, these are the TV input button, a home button, and a Youtube button. The price of Chromecast with Google tv is very less as compared to other competitors, due for this reason Chromecast with Google tv is a big success. For enjoying gaming and making your weekends good with friends the Chromecast is best to use.

Now, without any hurdle, you can simply switch on the gaming device, tv, and Chromecast. Chromecast costs you 30 USD, a price that enables you to watch unlimited shows on your Tv. Chromecast with Google TV is the most powerful device at your home because of its storage properties and exclusive features. You can connect a lot of things to it like a keyboard, game controller, and USB. The thriving version of Chromecast and Google TV is super cool and super simple.  Three different colors give you the option to choose whatever suits you. The feature that makes it different from other devices is its versatile software. Various apps present in your cell phone can be viewed on Google TV.

Mi Tv Stick:

If your television is sluggish and non-smart then Mi Stick TV is the best option to make it Cool and efficient. Now all videos of your favorite movies can be streamed easily on the TV screen. If you don’t have a smart tv or your smart TV is too boring then Mi TV Stick is the savior.  MI Stick supports over 5000 apps including Netflix and many other apps.  The elegant and simple design with no cable makes it easy to take out and use. Mi Stick is powered by an Amlogic S905 quad-core processor paired with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. The Type-C interface makes it a better option for video streaming. Mi TV Stick is portable and user-friendly. 1080p resolution is supported by the Mi Tv stick. This wonderful stick is fast and you can play games all night or watch your favorite season.


Mi Box S is the best addition to the world of entertainment and content. It runs on Android TV 9.0, numerous wonderful TV shows can be streamed on your TV because of it. With wonderful technology and systems, you can watch thousands of channels and enjoy your favorite movies. The built-in Google Assistant helps in doing different tasks like checking the weather and setting alarms to make your life simple. With your voice, you can control and ask to find your favorite TV shows. Live Tv can be streamed and you can watch your favorite match too. It is faster than Fire TV stick 4k. You can simply reorder the services you like on the home page and turn off the ones that you don’t use. The remote itself is heft and fits in hand comfortably. There is no problem with buffering and the hardware is good too because the box is equipped with a good processor and plenty of ram and storage with 4k resolution supported.