SAMSUNG S4 watch a heartthrob:

The stainless steel Samsung watch is going to steal your heart away. It is sturdy and hardy with two buttons. The bands of this watch are replaceable.  The round physical bezel makes it beautiful and good-looking. Navigation is possible because of this beautiful bezel. By keeping in mind the unique concept this watch is designed and formed to solve your problems. This watch is an awesome timepiece and It is going to remain unaged in style. The design of this watch is bold, traditional, seamless, and elegant. The fast processor of this watch makes it a must-have. It possesses numerous features and the most distinctive one is its fast processor.

Google and Samsung have worked together to form this wonderful watch and so, many new features are introduced like synced blocked contacts support-So if you block someone on your Galaxy Watch, this person will also be blocked on your phone, So it’s a blessing in disguise.

Insights that push you further :

The Samsung Galaxy watch is created to help you to know more and achieve more. This watch is effective and helps in tracking stapes and calories. If you are a sports and fitness freak and loves to run or do jogging then this watch is useful in tracking your steps and calories

A gift for fitness enthusiasts

It’s all right there on your wrist. If you are a fitness lover then this watch is a blessing for you. This Samsung watch is designed in such a way that you can wear it anywhere and everywhere from the pool to the gym. Now your snoring can also be tracked. All third-party apps can be enjoyed on it. This watch possesses an Exynos W920  paired with 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage.

By twisting your wrist up and down, you can attend a call. It is user-friendly and checks your heart rate for you and gives alerts when a low or high heart rate is detected. Due to its sturdy structure and weight, The price of this watch is reasonable and it is worth having because of its wonderful features.

It can easily be worn anywhere. Now you can get rid of taking out your phone to take calls, receive messages, and notifications, and internet roaming, all you have to do is sit back and relax, you can get notifications of all calls and other things through it. For getting a better night’s sleep the sleep tracker present in it offers value able insights on how to sleep well at night.

Why Samsung watches are better than Apple watches?

The Samsung galaxy design looks more like a traditional analog one. It is adorable because it is made of stainless steel and the rotating bezel helps you in controlling the interface easily. Samsung watch can easily be customized based on your outfit as compared to the apple watch. Samsung watch provides you a better place to keep track of your activities.

Sleep can be tracked easily in Samsung and in a more robust level as compare to apple watches. The bezel of the Samsung watch leads one to select and scroll apps more easily, saving you the hassle of tapping the watch and blocking your view of the display via your own greasy fingerprints, This extends the life of the Galaxy watch.