Kieslect Kr2 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch with 1.43″ FHD AMOLED Display

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  • Dual Core, Triple Speed.
  • 2.5D GPU Super Dynamic Display.
  • Advanced Biometric Sensor.
  • 24/7 Health Management.
  • The Easy Way to Live a Healthier Life.
  • Comprehensive Sports & Health Data.
  • One Step Pairing and Calls.
  • Music Playback & Control.
  • 1.43″ FHD AMOLED Display with AOD.
  • Editable Dynamic Watch Faces.


Kieslect Kr2 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch with 1.43″ FHD AMOLED Display

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 Kieslect Smart Calling Watch Kr2 Overview:

Dual Core, Triple Speed
The Kieslect Kr2 features a “Dual Core” Technology with both high CPU (240Mhz) and low CPU (96Mhz), and the 2 CPUs switch automatically between each other to optimize the experiences. It brings an amazing 60 FPS refresh rate and a 30% reduction in power consumption. All of these contribute to superior fluid operation and a longer-lasting battery.

2.5D GPU Super Dynamic Display
The Kr2 is equipped with a 2.5D GPU, an industry-leading image processing accelerator, which makes the UI of the Kr2 more colorful and realistic visuals, while also providing stronger and more dynamic 3D effects, animation playbacks, and more.

Advanced Biometric Sensor
Featuring 2 ultra-bright 3-in-1 LEDs and 2 independent 60-mil large PD, the Kieslect Kr2 biometric sensor is capable of collecting 35% more data compared to our previous generation. When combined with Kieslect’s sophisticated heart rate algorithm, it enhances heart rate monitoring accuracy by 40%.

Comprehensive Sports & Health Data
Thanks to enhanced sensors and increased storage capacity, now you can have a quick overview of comprehensive health and fitness data on Kieslect Kr2 smartwatch. Its user-friendly interface allows easy access to historical data, report generation, data comparison, and continuous health monitoring. 

One Step Pairing and Calls
Unlike other smartwatches with their complicated pairing processes, our 2-in-1 calling chipset and Bluetooth 5.3 simplify the connection process, offering you less hassle and a quicker connection for your always-on-the-go lifestyle. 

3 Digital Crowns
With its 3 rotating digital crowns, the Kieslect Kr2 provides convenient and user-friendly functionality for all your requirements. You can effortlessly manage screen brightness, power on/off, swiftly access to the menu, and even customize default sport modes, among other features.

4 Mini Games
The Kieslect Ks2 comes loaded with 4 built-in mini games for your wrist’s entertainment during leisure moments. Choose from Flappy Bird, 2048, Dice, and Air Combat, pick one and let’s have some fun!

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Black, Silver

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  1. Sharif Ahmad (Purchased)

    Kieslect kr 2 Best Smart Watch Superb Back Up Battery🔋 Time 😘🥰😍

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