Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Ultra Auto Empty Station

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Type аccesory Accessories for vacuum cleaner
Kind of accessory Station self cleaning
Compatible device Vacuum-mop 2 Ultra
Rated output voltage 19,8 в⎓ 1 A
Rated input voltage 220-240 V ~ 50/60Hz
Rated Power 1 000 W
Dimensions 285 × 397 × 468mm
Weight 4.15 kg


Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Ultra Auto Empty Station

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Robot vacuum cleaner mi robot vacuum mop 2 Ultra is equipped with innovative dust collection technology with the possibility of automatic cleaning of the vacuum cleaner robot vacuum cleaner. This will require the auto-empty station charging and self-cleaning station.

The dust bag in the self-cleaning station has a volume of 4 liters. This is 7 times the volume of the dust collector container of the vacuum cleaner itself. Therefore, the self-cleaning station is enough to clean every few months.

When removing the dust collector, it automatically seals and prevents dust from flying through the air. You can get it and throw it away, saving time and strength.

New dual channel design, at which one hole is used to reset dust, a second-for pumping air into the vacuum cleaner, together with the strength of air flow up to 16 500 na promote скорейшему перемещению harvested debris. Emptying the container is faster and more accurate.

At the same time, the station also recharges the robot vacuum cleaner. When the battery starts to drain, the Mi robot vacuum mop 2 Ultra will independently go to the docking station to fill up the energy.


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